Java API REST Client: Grouping and Counting Results by Multiple Keys

I'm working with the base field 'labels' and want to create a search query that groups my results by values for each key. The sample structures include keys like 'application' and 'env.' For instance, I want to group by 'env' and count how many results I have for values like 'production' and 'test.' However, in my use case, it's not just one key I use for grouping but up to five.

 "labels": {"application": "foo-bar", "env": "production"}
 "labels": {"application": "foo-bar", "env": "test"}

Thats what I have so far:

aggregationMap.put("date", Aggregation.of(
              agg -> agg.dateHistogram(dH -> dH
                  .aggregations("source", so -> so.topHits(th -> th.source(
                              s -> s.filter(f -> f.includes(List.of("event.action", "message", "@timestamp", "labels.*"))))

                  .aggregations("count", count -> count.sum(s -> s.field("countValue")))

I'm using the Java API REST Client and I tried many diffrent aproaches, but it does not work at all. Is this possible somehow?

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