Combining Machine Learning forecasts with Watchers


Anyone knows if we can combine forecasts data with watchers. For example, I have created a forecast job that predicts the behavior of a product after 3 weeks. So, now I want gather these data and create a threshold alert using watchers.
How can I use the data and how can I create an alert?

Thank you very much in advance!

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The results from a forecast run will be in the .ml-anomalies-* index with result_type:model_forecast and job_id:<jobname>

The fields forecast_prediction, forecast_upper and forcast_lower are what you're looking for!

corresponds to:

In your watch, you'd query this index, potentially with a timeframe of now+3d or whatever the amount of time you'd like to look into the future that you have forecast results for.

(I'm assuming you know Watcher basics about querying an index for a particular time range)


That was very helpful!
Thank you very much Rich!

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