Command line tool for simple fixture loading

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I want to share this tool that allows to clear and load fixtures easily in Elasticsearch, besides other index management.

Also can be used as a required module in your code (Node.js).

For example, with this .json file:

  "name": "Dio",
  "standName": "The World",
  "age": 122
  "name": "Jotaro",
  "standName": "Star Platinum",
  "age": 17

The above documents can be indexed out-of-the-box with this command:

$ esfix load my_index my_type fixtures.json

Deleting the data is as simple as this:

$ esfix clear my_index my_type

For more details:

Any feedback or use cases are appreciated!

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:heart: the Jojo's reference :smiley:

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I'm glad someone realized :stuck_out_tongue:

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