Community Fun Challenge


I have been having fun playing with Kibana, and my friend Agbeli ( @TeamGhana ) and I have thought of a fun project that would stress many aspects of Kibana, Elastic, and other predictive and analysis tools that are associated with these packages. Specifically the Volvo Ocean Race (VOR) just started up, which is an around the world sailing competition of 7 sail boats that will be lasting the next 8 months. We have access to position reports during the race, and I can feed the system the associated gridded weather forecasts that surround the specific legs, as well as the weather conditions. We also likely can get the previous races position reports and previous weather forecasts and actual conditions. Over time, we can likely get additional data from the various teams of all the various metrics they collect... a plethora of data on boat status from hull stresses to mast stresses, to on boat weather monitoring.

I think this would be a pretty kewl, fun, and active multi-month hack-a-thon that could be a great demo of search, data access, and AI/modeling/Geo tools. The idea would be to try and predict team placements with all the tools and data we can gather. This would be a great geo-human challenge similar in nature to the NetFlix prize challenge ( though we wouldn't offer up $1m.)

Anyone have any interest in a challenge like this?

Ping @thomasneirynck

But yeah, this could be pretty neat to test out :slight_smile:

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