Comparing the previous data and current data and show in visualization

Hi Experts,
Please help on this particular scenario to create visualization. I am creating reports for automation testing ran.I have few documents for testcases ran for different builds
Now i want to show last two builds Passed and Failed cases status.
For Example
Build No : 1 ,2 and 3
Some testcases are there
Last two builds are 2 and 3
There are some cases passed in build no 2 and failed in build no 3.
I want to show the metrics for this
Build No 2: Passed : 2
Build No 3 : Failed : 2
Basically regressed number of testscases count i want to show.
I have the status field for each document.
status : PASSED
status : FAILED
so bacically if any document's status field changed from Passed to failed i want to show that count and that testcases.
Please help on this. How to create a vizualization.

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