Find the unique transactions between passed and failed logs

I've created a visualization to show metrics like Total requests, Unique Tests(unique count of test field), Tests failed (Sum bucket with filter for failed tests unique count), Test passed(Sum bucket with filter for passed tests unique count). Here I want to show Tests passed and failed based on the latest execution result of test.
For eg: In first request, if I ran 10 tests and i got 6 pass and 4 fail and in second request, same 10 tests are reran, I got 8 pass and 2 failed. Now the dashboard shows these values
Total requests - 2, Unique tests -10, Tests passed - 8, Test failed - 4 (passed + failed = 12 not correct)
But I expect the output to be
Total requests - 2, Unique tests -10, Tests passed - 8, Test failed - 2

Is there an option to achieve this in Kibana? Any help will be really helpful


Not quite sure I grasp what you want or if this can be done in a normal visualization.

But I did something close to this, I think, for hostnames of a computer and calculating the differences between two sets of data in Vega.

This example doesn't include the visualization and just the data portion but if you look in the signals you can see the results. Mine included an overlap of what matched.

I think a similar technique could would for your use case. If you aren't familiar with the link I posted that is just a Vega playground and can be moved into Kibana. I just find it easier to develop there vs in Kibana.

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