How to create this de-duplicated visualization?

My index contains the following document type (which represents test executions):

  • id of test (string)
  • success (boolean)
  • version of software

I want to build the following histogram:

  • On X axis: versions
  • On Y axis: number of unique tests, stacked on success/failure

The same test id can be executed several times on same version with different results: it should be counted as success if it is successful once.

So I tried this setup:

  • On X axis: Terms aggregation on "version" field + Split series on "success" field
  • On Y axis: Count metric, with aggregation Max Bucket, with Bucket aggregation Terms on field "test id"

This does not work correctly, the tests that have both a success and a failure are counted on both series.

Any idea how to do this ?

Hey @nicoulaj excluding the failures based on the successes isn't possible currently in Kibana and requires the bucket script aggregation which we have an enhancement request for here if you wouldn't mind weighing in with your needs or giving it a "+ 1" it'll help us prioritize appropriately.

Done, thank you for answering.

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