Comparing two fields between two different index and output result into a third index


I got a requirement whereby I am required to match two fields from two different files and output the result into a csv file.

Prior to this train of thought, i did a simple python script to do the matching logic between 2 excel files and output the result into a csv file, but well, it took roughly 10 hours and its not optimal speed wise.

Moving along, I then thought of trying it via logstash/Elasticsearch and have since been able to create my .conf pipeline files and ingest the data into two indexes.

So my problem starts here, I need to match/compare two fields (the field values are an exact match) from two different indexes and output the result to another index, so like 3 index.


Index A - contains a field called indexA_txn_id
Index B - contains a field called indexB_txn_id

Both fields have the same values.

Once a match is found, take indexA_txn_id and flush it to a new index, Index C.

Any ideas how I can go about this? Have considered stuff like aggregate or even getting rid of the index C idea completely and replacing it with a new field, something like, if indexA_txn_id == indexB_txn_id, add_field ismatch_txn_id = 'matched'.

Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated. If it is impossible to do this at logstash layer, do recommend me an alternative if you have one.

This kind of "joining" is probably best done in a relational database with an "index" (in SQL/rdbms speak) on the txn_id. Then you can do a join on those two tables and columns and do whatever you need to do. This will be super quick!

If you REALLY want to use Elasticsearch, then take a look at this: Joining queries | Elasticsearch Guide [7.15] | Elastic
However, these kinds of operations are incredibly expensive to do, so I don't recommend it in a high volume production environment.

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