Compile Source Code

Is there any way to compile source code of kibana( from github)

It is - I mean obvious, since we need to build Kibana somehow :smiley: - please have a look at the Contribution guide for information how to setup your build environment, to build Kibana from source.


sorry, is it any way to for example change theme or change the label of left menu?

We don't have any tutorials on how to achieve that. Basically you will need to figure out the correct files and update them to your need. For example the side navigation is within the global_nav directive.

i read the contribution and confused :frowning:
have any article to show easy how we can compile source code of kibana??


I am sorry, but that's the most easiest introduction we have right now how to build Kibana.

It should also contain all the different ways, for what scenarios you want to build (OS packages, dev mode, etc.) Is there any specific build variant that you are missing in the documentation?

In the easiest way to build it from source code, you just need to download the repository, download yarn (yarn 1.7.0 currently have an issue why you need to use an earlier) version, and run yarn kbn bootstrap and yarn build in the repository. Is anything specific not working for you?

Tim i should download code with git,then download yarn and run this instrument,is it ok?

Can i use build version?
i run kibana with elasticSearch but can not use source
help me :frowning:

i run yarn kbn bootstrap
all package is intall but have this error

The issue you are hitting is because you are using yarn 1.7.0, which unfortunately has an issue and cannot be used to compile it until it has been fixed. So please downgrade your yarn version to a version before 1.7.0, that way you should be able to run that.

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i downgrade and install 1.6 yarn version but has this error

i use windows10

That seems to be an issue for windows for that specific package currently. I am not aware of any workaround for that, but contacted the package creator and hope that they can fix that soon and we can pull in a fixed version.

That looks like a file encoding error. Are you sure it's just for that one package?

I think it is because the post install script (JS file) of that package was beginning with a shebang (#! /usr/bin/env node), while being executed as node scripts/postinstall.js. It seems not to fail as gracefully on Windows, than on other platforms. Though of course could still be an encoding issue with that file.

i change from windows to mac. in mac i can not install yarn.
i think i should change my os to mac or Linux to can compile Source of kibana
can you help me how i can compile source code of kibana in mac os?
Thanks alot

There is no difference in compiling your sources in Mac, than on any other OS.

But also on OS X, please make sure, not to use yarn 1.7.0, which is currently broken, but instead use e.g. 1.6.0 (


thanks for your answre
i can not find install of yarn 1.6 dmg file for install on mac

I think the original yarn issue offers some help on how to install a fixed version on OS X:

i install yarn kbn bootstrap. what is next step to use compile source code ?

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