Compiling are Kibana project quickly, is it possible?


How can I compile my project without wasting time deleting the file optimize / bundles and reorder: bin / kibana.bat?

The compilation is very long and it irritates me... :smiley:


are you using a release or git repository clone ? if the latter, npm start should start kibana for you and recompile on every change. with the latest master that should be quite fast.

Every time I am forced to delete and optimize to have my new js / css...

Here is a screen when I run npm start :

so i guess you are starting from a release .... if you are modifying code i would really suggest to clone our github repository:

git clone

then read the (in that repo) to learn how to set up your dev environment.

Unfortunately, I already work on it ...

I can not afford to do it again: /

How to do ?

nothing you can do with a build i am afraid. you could checkout our github repo of the exact version you are using

git checkout 5.0 ... and then bring the changes that you already did in

Okay, I'll do that :slight_smile:

thank you very much !

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