Disabling Kibana source optimization


I am trying to play around with the Kibana 4.4 source code and I've noticed it is being packed into bundle files (with Webpack?), Is there a configurable way to disable it and use the original source files?


The build process is an important part of how Kibana works, so there's no way to disable it.

Why do you want to disable it? Is something not working correctly? The process generates sourcemaps, so if you're just trying to develop or debug something, it should work as you expect and link to the actual files...

Thanks Joe,

I looked for a way not to restart the server for each change I make in the files,
then I found the --dev flag, which makes the files update in case of change on each refresh.

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Yup, that's how we develop against it.

You should use npm start as a shortcut for the dev flag though, as the underlying commands may change, but the npm start alias should not.