How to make bundle false in dev mode

how to make bundle false in kibana 5.x dev mode, optimize is really slow

You want to turn off bundling? What are you trying to do? Without bundling you won't be able to see any changes you make reflected in the frontend code. Usually the initial optimization takes awhile, but subsequent optimizations for small changes should be very fast.

not really fast on my mac. most important is that I cannot easily debug the source code of front js

you should get source maps in dev mode by default. Are you not? Are you starting kibana with npm start? Also what version of Kibana are you developing on?

yes i use npm start in version 5.2.0

And you're not getting sourcemaps? They should be automatically generated by default and I know Chrome at least will recognize them automatically.

If you're not getting sourcemaps, are you using any custom webpack config in kibana.yml or perhaps?

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