Conditional statements in data tables

Say I have a data table that I want to only show data if date range selected is 24 hours or more. If the user selects a data range less than 24 hours, I do not want to show results.

I was wondering if there is conditional statements like the following:

if (user select data range - 24h) is a positive data range:
    show data
    show 'N/A'

Example output for over 24 hours:

Column1    Column2
Dogs             4
Cats             5

Example output for under 24 hours:

Column1    Column2
Dogs           N/A
Cats           N/A

Alternatively, I guess I can restrict the data range if that is possible....

There isn't a way to do that but perhaps I can help if you explain the larger problem you're solving. I can't think of another time when someone has wanted to exclude the display of data when data is present in a given time range.

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