Configuration to add data node to Elastic production cluster


If we want to add/extend cluster size is this sufficient to modify only elasticsearch.yml file on new node.or Do we need to modify configuration on existing master nodes as well?What we mean is only lets say node-4 is new data node
On data node ["node-1","node-2",node-3","node-4"] is sufficient ?on master nodes as well we need to made this change.


If the new node is not master-eligible (i.e. has node.master: false) then you do not need to adjust on any existing nodes, since this setting only needs to list the master-eligible nodes in the cluster.


Thanks for quick reply.Since it is only data node node.master: false,node.ingest:false.So even on data node node-4 configuration ["node-1","node-2",node-3"] is enough right...


Yes, that's right.


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