Do i need to specify node ips in all nodes?

(NM) #1


Size of our Data is about 50 MB.
Since we are planning to serve 50,000 QPS (Query Per Sec). We are going with 8 Node cluster

  • 5 Data Nodes (Dedicated)
  • 3 Master Nodes (Dedicated)

I have realize that people won't dare to read my config.

So, I am making it easy, do i need to put ["datanode-1", "datanode-2", "datanode-3", "datanode-4", "datanode-5"]

In all 8 nodes or only in master or only in data?

OR Do i need the below one in all my nodes ["master-1","master-2","master-3","datanode-1", "datanode-2", "datanode-3", "datanode-4", "datanode-5"]

(Mark Walkom) #2

You can just list the masters. The setting is a seed, so once it can contact one node it will contact the rest.

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