Configure elastic as a service


Wanted to know if elasticsearch/logstash/kibana is not configued as a service,What changes has to be done to configure it as a service.

I get the below errors if try to use systemctl/service command.

systemctl staus elasticsearch/logstash/kibana
systemctl command not found

service elasticsearch/logstash/kibana status
elasticsearch: unrecognized service

I dont see any elasticsearch executable file in /etc/init.d directory.
There is no systemctl file in /bin directory.

To stop elasticsearch service we are killing the elasticsearch service and to to check the status of elasticsearch we need to check if the process is running.

to stop

Kill -i

to check the status

ps -ef|grep -i elasticsearch

OS:ubuntu 14.04

Please suggest what changes has to be made to configure it as a service.

How did you install things, DEB/RPM?

I believe it was done through Debian package(since it is installed on ubuntu).It was setup by different team. Please suggest if there is anyway to check the same.

dpkg -l|grep elasticsearch should tell you.

I don't get any output after executing the command.

dpkg -l | grep -i elasticsearch

dpkg -l | grep elasticsearch

Can anyone please help me on this.

Looks like it wasn't installed as a service then, so you will either need to build a service file or copy it from somewhere else.

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