Configure ES node to only host frozen indexes


I´m trying to reconfigure my cluster, with 3 main nodes, to run in an SSD to only contain hot indexes (like the most recent indexes) and then have another node, running in a slower hard drive to store indexes for achival proposes.
What I need is that all new indexes with their replicas to be allocated to the 3 main nodes, and when they reach a certain age, to freeze them and allocate them to the archival node.
I added a new attribute called storage_type to the cluster, and flagged the 3 mains as "hot" and the archival as "cold".
Then with my lifecyle policy I configured to move the indexes to the cold node after lets say 30 days.
My issue is that after creating the archival node and adding it to the cluster, all my indexes started migrating to it leaving me with the following:

And that is even after I disable allocation to that node using:
"cluster.routing.allocation.exclude._name": "archival"

How do I configure my archival node to only accept idexes when the life cyle reaches the cold state?

Thanks in advance.

Well I found out part of the issue, sice I had set the "node.attr.storage_type": "hot" and "cluster.routing.allocation.awareness.attributes": "storage_type" then awareness was keeping balance between my hot and cold storage_types.
I disabled awareness and was able to relocate indexes again.
But still,I wonder how coul acomplish having an archival node where only old frozen indexes reside.

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