Hot-cold setup

I have running cluster, five data node with
node.attr.box_type: hot

now I would like to introduce cold storage as well
I have a node which I will be using as cold storage
node.attr.box_type: cold

but most all my index in running cluster has no ilm as they are small or under testing or what not.

how does cold node will behave when I add that in to mix?
will it start rebalancing indexes?
or will it wait for ilm to kick in

do I have to have index pattern (policy) for each index? to tell to go HOT or cold?

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If your indices don't have allocation filter in them, either manually added or via ILM, then when you add the new nodes the existing shards will be balanced onto them.

something like this ?

  "template" : "*",
  "settings" : {
           "index.routing.allocation.require.box_type": "hot"

and then on individual ILM policy use col in to cold phase

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