Configure Proxy Settings in Kibana to access Webhook

Hello I want to send Alerts via Webhook to the Webex Api but the Kibana/Elastic Application ist behind our Company Proxy.
I tried already with

xpack.actions.proxyUrl: "http://TechnicalUser:Password@Proxy:Port"
But it seems not to authenticate and I did also not find any other proxy configuration where I can set a Technical User and Password to let Kibana authenticate at our proxy.

Somebody have an idea?

Thank you very much,


Were there errors in the Kibana logs? What do you see in the Kibana UI when you use the "test" page of the connector? What version of the stack are you using? Are you using this proxy with other programs, and if so, what value are you using for the proxy (usually some *PROXY* environment variable)?

There are a number of proxy-related config variables for connectors, documented here: Alerting and action settings in Kibana | Kibana Guide [7.16] | Elastic - I wonder if one of those could be relevant to you.

I get the error web socket close. On our Proxy we just see there is proxy access without auhtorization so it gets blocked.

Looking at the code briefly, it appears we are likely only using the hostname, port and protocol from the proxyUrl settings, when constructing the info for the proxy. We do have a separate config xpack.actions.proxyHeaders which I believe you could use to pass the Authentication header. You'll need to do the base64 encoding on the value ... Basic access authentication - Wikipedia

Hello Patrick thanks for the info. How you would deliver in this case the Header because my Kibana is not starting anymore if I deliver like the following:

xpack.actions.proxyHeaders: {Authorization: Basic BASE64Here}
xpack.actions.proxyHeaders: {"Authorization: Basic BASE64Here"}
xpack.actions.proxyHeaders: [Authorization: Basic BASE64Here]
  Authorization: Basic Basic BASE64Here

With the last the Kibana is starting but not sending Authorization Credentials to the proxy.
Unfortunately there is no documentation/example about this.

Maybe for an Update:

  Authorization: 'Basic BASE64Here'

are not working because our Proxy only accepts NTLM Authentication.
Maybe somebody knows how to deliver this or is this even supported by elastic?
I did not find any similar topics to this issue.


Could you atleast tell if Elastic implement in the future maybe ntlm support? So people who are behind a NTLM Company Proxy can use Webhooks to external Apis like Webex ?

I'm not seeing any current Kibana issues open for NTLM proxy support. Feel free to open an issue against Kibana for this:

After you create it, respond back here with the issue link and I'll get it tagged appropriately ...

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