Configuring esFactory host dynamically in AngularJs app

I have an AngularJS app using elasticsearch . It works well, but I have a
problem deploying to production.

I have a service that looks like this:

.service('ElasticSearch', function (esFactory, Config) {
function getHost(){
return Config.elasticSearchHost;
return esFactory({
host: getHost(),
apiVersion: '1.0',
// pathPrefix: 'optional pathPrefix',
secure: false

Config.elasticSearchHost contains an environment-dependent host name
(development, production, staging etc);

The problem is that Config is created from a database record. The
elasticSearch service is created before the Config is retrieved. This is a
common issue with Angular. The way I normally overcome it is with something
like the 'getHost' function. Normally, this would run when a call is made
to the service, by which time the Config has been resolved.

The problem here is that getHost() is being run while esFactory is being
configured, not when the service is being called.

Is there a way to configure the esFactory host/credentials after it has
been instantiated?

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