Can not connect to Elasticsearch from AngularJS

I am using elastic search. I created a domain of elasticsearch. Is there is any way to connect the elastic search from my Angular 11. I used the elasticsearch.js library, but I can't able to connect with it for doing queries from the angular project. Can you help me to solve this problem?


Yes we can probably help. For that you will need to share with us some details like what is the error you are seeing, what is your code...

Thank you for spending your valuable time with me. I am sharing the error message screenshot below. This error occurs when I connect the elastic search domain in Angular 11.

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Here this seems to be related to a logger.
Could you share how you created the client?

import { Injectable } from '@angular/core';
import * as elasticsearch from 'elasticsearch';
providedIn: 'root'
export class ElasticSearchService {

constructor() {
if (!this.client) {

private client: elasticsearch.Client

private connect() {
this.client = new elasticsearch.Client({
host: '',
log: 'trace',
apiVersion: '7.2', // use the same version of your Elasticsearch instance


Hi sir,
This was the angular code, i am try to connect the elasticsearch.

Note that we don't support the service you are using here as it's not made by us.

Did you look at Cloud by Elastic, also available if needed from AWS Marketplace?

Cloud by elastic is one way to have access to all features, all managed by us. Think about what is there yet like Security, Monitoring, Reporting, SQL, Canvas, Maps UI, Alerting and built-in solutions named Observability, Security, Enterprise Search and what is coming next :slight_smile: ...

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okay sir

I think you might be missing the credentials when you call the service.

Hi sir,
That problem is solved. The problem is in our angular application-related not for elastic search. Thanks for your valuable comments.

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