Angular to ElasticSearch Returning 404 Not Found

I am trying to connect to ElasticSearch through Angular following an example provided, but I keep getting a 404 not found error:

{"msg":"Not Found","path":"/myindex/_search",

I was able to ping the ElasticSearch server successfully using the es ping API.
The code I am using is as follows:

var EsConnector = angular.module('EsConnector', ['elasticsearch']);

// Create the es service from the esFactory
EsConnector.service('es', function (esFactory) {
  return esFactory({ 
    host: 'localhost:9200',
    log: 'trace' });

EsConnector.controller('ShortQueryController', function( $scope, es ) {

$scope.responseStatus = '';
$scope.responseText = '';

// search for documents {
    index: 'myindex',
    q: 'something'

} ).then( function ( error, response ) {
    if ( error ) {
        $ = error.message;

    } else {
        $scope.hits = response.hits.hits;
        $scope.responseStatus = response.status;
        $scope.responseText = response.statusText;

} ).catch( function(response) {
    $scope.responseStatus = response.status;
    $scope.responseText = JSON.stringify( response );
} );


The 404 is trapped in the catch block. Also, I tried using the authentication string user:pwd and https settings when creating the service, but it made no difference.
Additionally, I have verified that there is valid data at localhost:9200/myindex with a direct browser call and through Kibana which was able to connect.
The index and other syntax has been masked/redacted with notional names in the above example. i.e. the index is not actually "myindex".
The example that I formulated is a combination of the following two references:
ElasticSearch.js Example and
ElasticSearch-Angular Example

What is causing the 404 not found error?

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