Configuring filebeat 6.1 modules in windows


I installed filebeat 6.1 on my PC to ship Apache2, and Mysql logs to my Elasticsearch server. Do we have any documentation on how to enable and configure modules in windows 10?

I tried to enable apache2 and mysql modules by using following command in PowerShell:
PS C:\Filebeat6\filebeat-6.1.1-windows-x86_64\modules.d> .\filebeat modules enable apache2 mysql

i got this error:

Try running it from the same directory in which the filebeat.exe binary is located.

PS C:\Filebeat6\filebeat-6.1.1-windows-x86_64> .\filebeat.exe modules enable apache2 mysql

thanks @andrewkroh, i will try it and post the result.

Thank you @andrewkroh. Yes it works and could enable Apache2 and Mysql modules.

Question: Now I will ship logs( by using modules) directly to ES, so each module will have separate Index name or all logs data will be in one index with filebeat index name?

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