Confluence Connector for internal, behind VPN Server

We have a Confluence Server behind a VPN, and are using the cloud hosted Elastic Workplace Search. Is it possible to run the Confluence Connector separately from the Cloud hosted ES stack, and forward data to the cloud hosted ES stack? If not, what are my options for indexing our Confluence data?

You could run an additional instance of Workplace Search within your VPN and have it connect to the same Elasticsearch on Cloud. I don't know how well this will work, as you would have two instances competing for being the Confluence connector, so half of the times it will fail (if it cannot connect to Confluence)

Another option is to use the Custom API Source to push data to Workplace Search. Here you would have to create your own connector for Confluence using their APIs.

Yet another option, you could just use Elastic Cloud to host Elasticsearch, and host just a single instance of Enterprise Search inside your VPN.