Connect Confluence 7.13.x, with Workplace Search 8.3 using out of the box connector

I'm following the steps here and it says you need a consumer key and public key from Workplace search. Where do I get this in Workplace search. The only thing i could find is an api key and that didn't work. Thanks.

Hi @ymoriarty

There was a bug in the 8.3.x line with Confluence Server and Jira Server where the incorrect OAuth Config page is displayed. 8.4.0 has the fix for this issue.

so are you saying i need to go to version 8.4?

how do i get the consumer and public key

Hi @ymoriarty , yes you need to upgrade to 8.4.

You can get the consumer key and public key from the Confluence Server administrative console as described in this guide

This does not seem correct. The guide you provided says you get it from Workplace Search and not Confluence. When I follow the steps in that link, no consumer or public key are provided. It only prompts you to enter a client id and secret. Please let me know how to connect with Confluence server.

Configuring the Confluence Server Connector

Step 1. From the Workplace Search administrative dashboard’s Sources area, locate Confluence Server and click Configure. You are presented with a Public Key and a Consumer Key. Copy these keys and keep them handy, as we’ll need them in just a second.

@ymoriarty you need to upgrade to 8.4 first. This was the bug we'd mentioned

Thanks. So I have to upgrade Elasticsearch, Kibana and Enterprise Search to 8.4.x first? Can you please send me the links to those instructions because I cannot find them in your documentation.

@ymoriarty if you have a self-managed deployment, here is the documentation for the upgrade:

If you use a cloud deployment, the upgrade is a matter of a few clicks.

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