Connector Configuration

Hi Elastic,

I've been exploring the Connectors available in version 8.10 and have encountered a few questions regarding their configuration.

After some exploration, it appears that there are different approaches for setting up Connectors in Elasticsearch Indices and Workplace Search.

  1. ELSER: It appears that the Connectors I've configured within Workplace Search do not support ELSER integration. I haven't found any pipelines or options to deploy ELSER in this context. Is there's a different approach for implementing ELSER within Workplace Search? The configuration I’ve setup for Workplace Search, especially for Confluence Server, involves establishing Application Links within Confluence itself, as opposed to deploying Docker containers, which is the approach used in configuring Connectors for Indices.

  2. Docker Deployment for Indices Connectors: When configuring Connectors within Elasticsearch Indices, it seems like the only option I have is through Docker deployment. I'm unsure about the relationship between VMs and Docker containers. Is it a one-to-one (1:1) setup where each Docker deployment corresponds to one VM, or can a single VM support multiple Docker deployments? I would appreciate clarity on the recommended deployment architecture in this regard.

Thank you.

  1. I do not believe there is an easy way to use ELSER with Workplace Search

  2. You can run multiple containers within in single VM, there are also lots of options for how to run the containers. You can run them with Docker directly, use a service like Amazon's ECS or something like Kubernetes.

These examples and guides might be helpful with how to use ELSER

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