Connect Logstash to ingest node?


Do I have to leave node.ingest to the default true when I want to use Logstash to send events to this node? Or do I need it only if I want to send data directly to Elasticsearch and have it processed with pipelines? Do I have any drawbacks from leaving ingest to true when I only use Logstash to send new data to Elasticsearch?



reading the Ingest node page, looks like you don't have to leave it to true when you're using Logstash. It seems to be for pre-processing documents the way Logstash does but by indicating the way you want to process your events directly into the elasticsearch node.

I hope this will help you.

This is what I got from reading the page.

I just wanted to be sure because I'm not completely sure whether this is used for all sorts of ingesting or just for those with pre-processing pipelines.

Since we both came to the same conclusion I'm quite sure this is right.


I just did a short test with the alpha3 of version 5 and it seems to work.

Ok thank you for the test :slight_smile: