Connect Rails app to elasticsearch server

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Hello everyone,

I am using logstash+elasticsearch to index server logs. The Elasticsearch server is running at localhost:9200 with millions of server log docs.
I also have a Rails app running at localhost:3000. I need to connect this rails app to the ES server.

I have read about the "elasticsearch-rails" gem but everywhere i found them using ActiveRecords/ Models. However, i don't think ActiveRecords are required for this. I just need a way to query the ES server index and fetch the documents inside my Rails app.

Is there a way to do this? Can anyone please help me with this situation? please comment if I am not clear with my question.

Thanks in advance.

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(Jurgens Du Toit) #2


You can use the Ruby client for Elasticsearch. It's notRails specific, and allows you to query the Elasticsearch API. Also read through the official writeup.

(Ankit Agarwal) #3

Thanks. I actually implemented using Stretcher gem. But I just had a doubt. Can I actually use elasticsearch-rails gem with the scenario that I have? I was giving it a thought because the latter supports proper pagination and that can be helpful to view in my rails app. Please guide me if I am going in the wrong direction. My question might sound silly but I really want to learn this and I am very new to these stuff!


(Jurgens Du Toit) #4

You can also look at Chewy if paging is a concern:

All of these libs will work, you will just have to do more / less work depending on their implementation.

(Ankit Agarwal) #5

Sure I will look into that.
Can the elasticsearch-rails gem be used in my case? Or the elasticsearch-rails gem needs to have some Model indexed? Because wherever I have read about the gem, i says you need to import data some ActiveRecord/Model and work on the indexed models. However, I do not have any ActiveRecord/Model to deal with. So can I use elasticsearch-rails gem?


(Sean) #6

@Ankit_Agarwal did you end up working with elasticsearch-rails? I have the same problem

(Ankit Agarwal) #7


No I did not use elasticsearch-rails. I used Stretcher gem for my implementation instead.

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