Connect to Cloud Elastic / Cloud Elasticsearch instance with ssh


How i can connect to my Cloud Elastic trial with ssh or WinSCP? so i can install Logstash and manage directories.

This is not available. Elastic Cloud only supports launching Elasticsearch clusters and Kibana instances and there is no way to ssh into the hosts.


@thiago, ok so it is same as Amazon Elasticsearch service

Thanks for quick reply

it is same as Amazon Elasticsearch service

If you meant to say that is the same as Amazon Elasticsearch service, I'd definitely say "no".

If you meant that you can not run LS for now on both Amazon Elasticsearch service and Cloud by elastic, yes you're right.

Thanks @dadoonet, yes exactly that what i meant, running LS on both. Because right now that means i need to run Logstash on a separate server, so we need two servers to implement our ELK - Logging system.

Is the LS pipeline a bit complex? Or using multiple outputs?

If not, may be have a look at ingest node feature.

Actually using multiple inputs and outputs.

Ha right. Then you need LS indeed.

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But keep in mind that running LS on the same server as an Elasticsearch node is not a recommended production deployment anyway.

It doesn't matter if it's AWS ES or our Elastic Cloud or simply a cluster managed by you, running LS on separate servers is the way to go for production deployment of the Stack.

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Yes @thiago actually we are planning to have LS on a separate server to implement our ELK - Logging System

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