Connect via SSH with client through PuTTy

I am new to Elasticsearch. I have Elasticsearch (Self-Managed) deployed on Azure. esdata0 and esdata1 Azure Linux VM. I am able to connect esdata0 via SSH through PuTTy on my pc. Because esdata0 has a public IP. I cannot connect to esdata1. I only see a private IP for esdata1. I don't understand the architecture behind it. Would you please help me with this?

Thank you!


That's an azure question IMO.

As long as your VM does not have a public IP, you can't connect directly to it I believe.
Not sure how it works in Azure, but may be you have a SSH console available from the Azure Admin UI.

Or you can SSH to esdata0 and then from esdata0 ssh to esdata1.

An easier and much more secured way to deploy elasticsearch on Azure would be by using Elastic Cloud.

Hi David,

Thanks for sharing your knowledge! Yes, I tested to access from esdata0 to esdata1 successfully. I am using Elasticsearch (Self-Managed) deployed on Azure. It works well. I will try the by using Elastic Cloud.



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