ELK on microsoft AZURE

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HI team,
Im new azure Elasticstack and i have implement ELK in Azure cloud.

I have implemented my datanode act as a masternode. I can open my kibana and find the elasticsearch staus by using machine IP

Now i want to implement logstash and filebeat to process the logs and need to be index in elasticsearch.

How to connect the linux virutal machine using Putty?
Below message im getting from Azure window. Please help me to sort it now.
To connect to your Linux virtual machine using SSH, use the following command: ssh beep@xx.xx.xx.xxx

while creating Azure ELK in Basic setting i provide password instead of SSH key

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This doesn't sound like a Logstash question at all, but without more details nobody will be able to help you anyway.

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Please find above update question,whether its useful to provide answer for my question.

(Magnus Bäck) #4

How to connect to an Azure VM with SSH isn't a Logstash question.

(Ganesh) #5

Then its belong to elasticsearch?

(Magnus Bäck) #6

No, it's a problem related to Azure.

(Ganesh) #7

Ok thank magnus.

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