Connecting Kibana to multiple Coordinating Nodes in docker-compose setup


I am running an Elasticsearch 7.3.0 cluster via docker-compose with 3 machines that host one MDI and one Coordinating-only node each. On one machine I host Kibana as well. I want Kibana to connect to all three coordinating-nodes due to loadbalancing purposes. Therefore I specify in the environment section of the kibana service the following setting:


However on the startup I get following error message:

FATAL  Error: [elasticsearch.hosts]: types that failed validation:
[elasticsearch.hosts.0]: expected URI with scheme [http|https] but but got [,,].
[elasticsearch.hosts.1]: expected value of type [array] but got [string]

Removing the quotes doesn't solve the issue.

What's the correct way to specify multiple elasticsearch hosts for kibana in a docker-compose file?

Hey @apt-get_install_skil, you'll want to use the following:


Thanks a lot @Brandon_Kobel! That solved the issue!

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