Kibana multiple hosts in Docker Compose

I saw other threads on this, but they closed without resolution. I have a post on StackOverflow and it's entirely possible I'm missing something obvious, but I haven't been able to get multiple hosts to work with docker compose.

List of failures:

  ELASTICSEARCH_HOSTS: ['http://es01:9200','http://es02:9200','http://es03:9200','http://es04:9200']
  - ELASTICSEARCH_HOSTS=['http://es01:9200','http://es02:9200','http://es03:9200','http://es04:9200']
  - ELASTICSEARCH_HOSTS="["http://es01:9200","http://es02:9200","http://es03:9200","http://es04:9200"]"
    - "<host1>"
    - "<host2>"

What is the syntax for multiple hosts? Given the confusion surrounding this problem, suggest updating the docs here with the syntax.

I just got an answer on SO.

ELASTICSEARCH_HOSTS: '["http://es01:9200","http://es02:9200","http://es03:9200","http://es04:9200"]'

That's the magic syntax.

Glad you got the answer you were looking for!

I opened up an issue in Kibana for us to improve our docs (#67407).

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