Connecting Sense (4.6.4) with username and password

Hi. I've installed Kibana 4.6.4 and the Sense plugin (I need to connect to an ES 2.4.5 instance). Connecting to an unsecured localhost:9200 works fine but I'm unable to find information how to configure Sense to connect to a remote instance with username/password. FWIW, curl -u "user:pass" works fine.

Can anyone help with (1) is this even supported? and (2) how can I achieve that?

Hmm ... so I just tried Sense by typing the https://... URL and the browser then prompted me for the user/password and it worked. I also had to add this to kibana.yml

  - match:
      protocol: "https"

      verify: false # allows any certificate to be used, even self-signed certs

  - timeout: 180000 # 3 minutes

From the Sense installation guide. So I guess no additional steps are required.

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