Connecting to ElasticSearch from Tableau Desktop

I am trying to connect to Elasticsearch from Tableau Desktop. I am using Tableau Desktop 2021.x, Tableau Desktop 2022.x versions. My Elastic search version is 7.11.2.

I have followed everything mentioned in

But It is not working.

I tried various versions of elasticserach JDBC clients and .taco files. But none of them are working.
It is just showing blank without any tables. as shown in the image.

I even tried connecting via ODBC. But it is also a throwing issue

Someone told me to set = false, then it will work. I tried the same, but it is also not working.

Please someone help to connect to Elasticsearch from Tableau.

By the way I am using Tableau Online, not a Tableau onprem server.

Thank you

If you look at the subscriptions page you can see that the JDBC, ODBC and Tableau connector requires a Platinum license or higher and is not available with the free Basic license, which aligns with the error message for the ODBC driver.

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