Tableau Connector with Elastic JDBC driver


I couldn't find any satisfying solution on google and after double-checking that this hasn't already been answered here, I decided to write that post to seek for some help.

I am currently trying to connect Tableau to ElasticSearch, so that I can analyze data and create a dashboard in an efficient manner.

Software version :

  • Tableau 2020.3
  • ElasticSearch 7.9.0

I came across that recent post ( 27th August 2020) from the tableau blog, showcasing the new extension gallery where the ElasticSearch connector can be found.

"The Tableau Connector works in tandem with the Elastic JDBC driver to facilitate the query of Elasticsearch. It gives users a simple way to query Elasticsearch data from Tableau. After providing basic connection and authentication information, users can easily select Elasticsearch indices for use in Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server"

Using this connector seems much simpler and cleaner than the previous solution suggested years ago:

Installation was indeed really easy, with a clear explanation of each step.

Once I have established the SSH tunnel between my laptop and the VM where ElasticSearch server is hosted, I launch Tableau and select the connector "ElasticSearch by Elastic JDBC connector"

I then fill the requested areas, the server address being the localhost address I would use to check ES on my browser (the port being the listening post used for the SSH tunnel)

If the connection between ES and Tableau works (or at least seems to), I can't see any of the data or table I should be seeing.

Is there anything I am missing or doing wrong?

We found an "alternative" by using the connector between Tableau and Google's BigQuery (which worked without any issue, all the relevant data and table being visible). However, we really would like to connect ES directly to Tableau, for ease of use.

If any member participating in the development of that connector could give me a few pieces of advice, it would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks for your help.

There's nothing special about tunnelling the connection so that should work.
I assume the log-in user has the right permissions to access indices on your cluster?
Might be worth checking Tableau's logs for anything relevant: %userprofile%\Documents\My Tableau Repository\Logs on a Windows OS.

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