Tableau Connector for Elasticsearch connecting string details

Hi Team,

By using this link :

Using this above link from the Tableau gallery I have installed the JDBC driver and it is successfully showing in the Tableau and our Elastic search is currently running in the Server.

I have only the Host name and the Port number.

But it is asking the user name and password. How to go about this?

Please check the screenshot.


Any leads on this? please

It would help if you provided some additional information, e.g. which version you are running and what you configuration look like. If there are any error messages that would help too.

Elastic Search Version : 7.4.0

Elastic search JDBC driver version : x-pack-sql-jdbc-7.9.2.jar

My problem when I connect the JDBC driver ( Elasticserach by elastic) named in the Tableau desktop which is asking me to enter the Server Ip address and the port number.

Currently my Elastic search is running on my local machine.

I entered the Username and password as admin &admin.

Below is the error.

An error occurred while communicating with Elasticsearch by Elastic
Bad Connection: Tableau could not connect to the data source.
Error Code: 76E4F4AA
current license is non-compliant for [jdbc]
Connector Class: elasticsearch-jdbc, Version: 1.0.0


The JDBC client requires a commercial Platinum license (or a trial license). Do you have this in place?

I am using Trial version

I suspect you might need to use the same Elasticsearch version as the JDBC plugin but can not find it in the support matrix.

Okay I will use install the same version 7.4.0 JDBC plugin.

By the way, May I know what is the default user name and password for the Elastic search.

I didn't configured any Authentication

I do not think there is any.

Okay thanks.

I have used same veriosn 7.4.0 JDBC plugin. But not working again

Did you input JDBC URL about keystore & truststore information in Additional Settings field?

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