Connection failed thru ODBC (x_content_parse_exception) to ES 7.2.0

Hi, I am trying to connect via ODBC driver in version 7.2.0 on Windows 10 to our Elasticsearch cluster. Everything was working fine on Elasticsearch v7.1.1, but after upgrading to 7.2.0 we are receiving just this error message:

Connection Failed: [Elastic][EsODBC 7.2.0(55537db+,u,r) Driver]x_content_parse_exception: [1:62] [sql/query] unknown field [index_include_frozen], parser not found

We have already ODBC driver 7.2.0 installed as well.

Could you provide me with some guidance or help?

Hi @jakubg,

There's been indeed unfortunately an issue with the 7.2.0 release (as also covered here The 7.2.1 release containing the patch is due very soon.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

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Thank you for the clarification.

Regards, Jakub

Thanks for the clarification.
Any idea how long before the next release?


Hi Sajjad,
It's now available.

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Thanks Bogdan

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