Not able to connect power BI ODBC to Elastic search

Hi Team,

I have a Elastic cluster running on 7.17.6, but i am trying to connect Power Bi desktop to elastic through ODBC client , but it throwing the below error, also enclosed is the image. Kindly suggest me how to coonect power bi to Elasticsearch.

connection failed: [Elastic][EsODBC 7.17.6(v7.17.5-1-g6f04931 + ,u,r) Driver]security_exception: current license is non- compliant for [odbc]


In order to make use of the Elasticsearch SQL ODBC Driver, the server must have Elasticsearch SQL installed and running with the valid license.

Check to make sure your Elastic cluster has a valid license. For the license info see: Subscriptions | Elastic Stack Products & Support | Elastic


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