Elasticsearch and Power bi connection through ODBC driver

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to connect Elasticsearch (running in docker container) with desktop power bi and having some issues. When testing connection using ODBC driver I am getting this error
"libcurl: failed to perform."
"libcurl: failure code 35, message: SSL connect error."
Is this an issue because I don't have platinum subscription or is it something wrong with my settings?

Thank's for help in advance!

I don't know if this is the cause of the error message but indeed you need a trial or a platinum license at least.

Thank you for your reply.

Just to double check, ODBC driver is the only way it is possible to connect Elasticsearch with power bi correct? I'm doing a bit of a research of behalf of someone else and want to cover all possible bases.

Thank you!

If PowerBI can support REST API then you can use that. But I don't know PowerBI :slight_smile:

Just to clarify, Elasticsearch has REST API that we can call to retrieve data? Pardon for repeating the question but I am not very well versed in this topic.

thank you in advance.

Yes. Elasticsearch rest api.

By default, the driver attempts to connect securely. If your Elasticsearch cluster isn't configured to use certificates, you'll need to change the connection settings in ODBC to disable the encryption.

You can use indeed the REST API, but it'll require good Power BI and it's internal language knowledge.

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