Console 5.0.0-rc1 cannot verify certificate with xpack security installed

Testing the new 5.0.0-rc1 stack and want to use Console (formerly Sense). I have xpack security installed and configured on the ES cluster.

When I try to run a command using Console, I get the following error:

Error connecting to '<server>':

Client request error: self signed certificate in certificate chain

In 2.4 with Shield installed, I had to add the following to kibana.yml:

  - match:
      host: "*"
      ca: /path/to/cacert.pem

  - match:
      protocol: "https"
      verify: true

There have been alot of setting changes with the move to xpack in 5.0.0. I have tried to search the docs endlessly for any reference to theses settings or to Console / Sense, and only found a reference to sense.proxyFilter here:

Also, some of the documentation seems incorrect: makes reference to the ability to set the server in Console, which does not seem to be possible in 5.0.0-rc1

Found the solution. sense.* needs to be changed to console.* and defaultServerUrl is a depreciated setting. Also, the documentation is incomplete at this time, but will hopefully be updated by 5.0 GA.