Container level metrics

Is there a way I can see the containers currently running for a service along with the details like cpu utilization, memory usage, latency and throughput.
I can see that the container details are present in the metric logs(processor.event:"metric"). But I am not sure how can I get APM default dashboard or create a custom one for my usecase.

Edit: Can we also get health-check status of a container after deployment?


The APM agents record the IDs of Docker containers they run within. The APM UI uses these to enable you to jump to the Infra UI to investigate host or container-specific metrics, collected separately by Metricbeat:

The Metricbeat Docker module collects CPU, memory, and network usage; healthchecks, and more. For request throughput/latency specific to a container, you would use the APM data but use the search bar to filter down to the specific container that you're investigating.

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