Content search encrypted data stored in MongoDB


We have a website that stores different documents (PDF, docx, txt, ppt, csv, ...) in our MongoDB instance.We crypt this docuements.

Now we want integrate a content search in our website. So we can imagine a search bar where the user write a text, for example "dog" and our server will must be capable to show all documents (all extensions combined) that contain "dog" .

We search a way to perform this search and so my question is: Is elasticSearch capable to achieve that with this situation (so encrypted data, plugged in with our database MongoDB, severals files extensions, ...)?

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I have a hard time understanding your question here.

If you want to able to search data in Elasticsearch, you need to index it over there. So you have to have a process that sends the data from mongodb to Elasticsearch.

You could then use the ingest attachment plugin to index and search binary content in Elasticsearch.

you are however the one responsible getting the data from mongodb into Elasticsearch.

If there are further questions please try to be more specific. Thank you!


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