Control visual not showing all values


I have a Dashboard with both a control visual and a data table visual both containing data from the same index/index pattern.

I want to filter the whole dashboard on only one Trafonavn "Sjuvaslia snøproduksjon" which I know is included with data in the dashboard because it shows in the data table. but when I start typing "Sjuvas" I dont get any hits in the control.
I also tried searching for another "Trafonavn" which dont contain the scandinavian letter "ø".. but it still does not give me the "Trafonavn". The index contain around 300-400 different/unique "Trafonavn".

The Trafonavn field is keyword. And the control uses the "trafonavn.keyword" field

Does someone know why I dont get a match when I start typing a name which I know contains data in the time interval.?

Hi @jogabonito
what is your Kibana version?
I see other controls in your dashboard, are they chained together in a parent child relationship?

Hi @markov00
I run Kibana v 7.3.2
The controls are not chained together like parent-child

Regards Lars

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