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We want to add interactive inputs to kibana dashboard, the feature that Control Visualization provides. But there is a warning which says this is Experimental(which states can be removed and its not stable as other features). Also we noticed that Control Visualization document was available till 7.4 version under Visualization section of kibana but from 7.5 we don't find this documentation under Visualization.

Can you please let us know if there is any other option to achieve addition of interactive inputs in dashboard?
Also is the Control Visualization not supported from 7.5 version since we don't see this in kibana documentation?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @mrudrego,

The docs structure might change with the new release and it was the case for 7.5: controls viz docs

Controls viz is still available in the recent 7.10 release and despite its experimental status, I'm not aware of any plans to remove it. There is no replacement functionality in place at the moment, so I would say you can use it pretty safely.

Regards, Dzmitry

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