Control visualization issue in Dashboard

We are upgrading kibana from 7.0.1 to 7.8.0
We had created Control Visualization in Kibana with 3 level parental control and using this in Dashboard. This was working as expected in 7.0.1

Issue: When we upgraded to 7.8.0, we have issues in Control Visualization with multi(3) levels. When 3rd level object is selected, all the previous 2 level selections are removed automatically(Complete visualisation selection are cleared as if it is a "CLEAR FORM" button is clicked.).

Screenshot after two level selection.

The moment we will select third field entire forms cleared.

Observation: In 7.0.1, there was only one API call(observed through inspect option of browser) made when 2nd level object is selected and no API calls made for 3rd level object selection. While in 7.8.0, we see there are 2 API calls made for every 2nd level object selection and also there are 2 calls made for 3rd level object selection and then all selections are removed automatically.

Hi @sarthaksahu

It looks like a bug. Could you share a data template you are facing issue with with fields types? Also your screenshot shows red API call in Chrome, could you share request body and response?

Regards, Dzmitry

All applications are running in k8s and we use fluentd to parse/enrich and push application logs to ES enriched with kubernetes pods/containers information. We are trying to filter logs based on namespaces and podname. first filter is namespace selection, 2nd filter populates all the containers names available in the selected namespaces. 3rd option lists all the logs generated in that specified container name. We use the default mapping templets. Namespce/podname are the string type keywords.

We tried with above scenario, but we think this issue is very generic with any kind of data set and with more then two level parental control configuration.

The erroneous API call is not always. Refer below image.

Hi @Dzmitry

Any update on above scenario.


Hi @sarthaksahu

Sorry for delay, I'm not able to reproduce the issue.

Feel free to open issue following instructions and provide installation/version/etc

Regards, Dzmitry

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