Control visualization not updating to new data/ missing field values

Hi team !
I am creating a dashboard with the tool control visualization but I've realized that I have missing values or field in the filter dropdown. I have several equipment registered in the field EquipmentID.keyword but it seems that even if I see that this field is auto-updating when I want to add filter with this field I don't have all the possibilities that I should.

As you can see in this dashboard made of a table and control visualization, in my first column I have all my equipments' ID registered but in the control's dropdown I can't choose any equipment ID, some are in fact missing while it is sure that they are registered in the field with which I am trying to filter since it's the same displayed in the first column.

In this second screenshot I wanted to see all the equipment slipping through my fingers so I enabled the multiselect option and selected all the equipment ID filters possible and then I excluded the results, here are the results :

At first my guess was because I made a parent control out of the equipment ID control but when disabling it nothing changes. Then I thought maybe my field wasn't updating write and it wasn't possible to sort with it because some values in the field weren't aggregatable ( it doesn't seem at first glance to be the solution since the table still manages to get all the values but still ) so I refreshed my field in the index pattern management section. Right now I don't know what to try out left so if any of you has any clue, I would be really glad to have it.

thanks for reading this post so far hopefully someone will know something.

PS : I know that this visualization is marked as experimental so if this issue is already being taken care of thanks for notifying.

good day to y'all

There is work being done on improving the latency in getting the newer fields, but we don't have a timeline for now.

It was actually due to a limitation in the dynamic option enabling only ten choices in the dropdown when selected, when unselected I could set a number of field selectable in the dropdown.

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