Controlbox filter


I've been using controlbox for a while but noticed a problem with the filter set at the top. It doesn't seem to apply to the dropdown box for Device Names. Filter is set for Router and Switches but I also see Server types being listed there. I tried several things dynamic options etc but all the same result. I excluded the filter options but the same dropdown list shows all results. Bug?


Which version of Kibana are you on. On recent 6.6.0 I tried the input control filters on my dashboard and the filters were applied successfully. Here is a short blog about input controls which might be helpful to you:

Let us know if you need more help .


Version 6.5.1 and its about the filters set before controlbox not after when you select your options. I have an urgent need of the result list on the dropdown box being affected by a filter to only allow network type devices being listed there. Currently it would show all CI's in the dropdown list and the filter at the top does not apply to it.

The blog is about after applying the settings not before.

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