Controls - Option List - "Dynamic Options" not working/understood?


I'm working with a few Option Lists in the same visualization, and either I don't understand what "Dynamic Options" does or I'm doing something wrong.

Let's say I have a dataset like:

{ "person": "A", "house": "houseA"},
{ "person": "B", "house": "houseB"},

Now, I setup 2 Option Lists, one based on "person", and one based on "house". So far I can see that all options are available for both lists. If I click on the list for "person", I can see "A" and "B" to click from, and if I click on "house" I see "houseA" and "houseB".

However what I want to do is that:

  • If I select "person: A" from the first list, then the second list ("house") should only display "houseA" as available options.

  • Same behavior if I start by selecting "house: houseA" -> I should be able to only select "A" from the list of persons.

I tried enabling "Dynamic Options" but it doesn't seem to have any effect. It says "Update options in response to user input". What is "user input" in this context? Is my use case expected to work with Option Lists?

Ideally I don't want to set any Parent, since the options are independent.


I found an answer to a similar question here: Top 10 values in dynamic options - #2 by devon.thomson

However I still don't get it. With "Dynamic Options" disabled, I can still type in the search field and the results are filtered out based on what I type. So, if this is working with "Dynamic Options" disabled, then what is the point of enabling it? I find to difference in behavior between the two modes.

I see that in order to achieve what I want I'd need to use the Parent option, so I guess there's not a good way as of today. In this case the options are orthogonal, instead of being a parent-child relationship.

Hey @tinrik, if you're running a version above 8.2, we have a new dashboard Controls system that works the way you'd expect. Any control on the left will filter any control on the right, but you are free to select options in any order.

In the old version of Controls, dynamic options just means that the control will query elasticsearch based on what you type in the text box. With dynamic options off it doesn't query against elasticsearch, and only searches through the top options that are already there.

Thanks for the reply! We are indeed running on 7.16, will make sure to update :slight_smile:

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