Convert 2 nodes with roles [data] to [data_hot, data_content] and [warm]

Salut, Elastic Fulks
My production cluster is set up as follows:

  • 1 master node
  • two data nodes [data]
  • 1 coordinator

I want to convert the 2 data nodes to

  • first one to [data_content,data_hot].
  • second one to [data_warm]

How to convert the 2 data nodes carefully.

Assuming you have replicated all data, it should be pretty similar to a rolling upgrade — just instead of upgrading a node you would reconfigure node.roles and then restart it: Upgrade Elasticsearch | Elastic Installation and Upgrade Guide [8.8] | Elastic

Though I'm not sure I fully get what you are trying to do there: Are you sure you want to have a single node per data tier (and no replication of the data)?
This all feels over-specialized for this cluster size (including having a coordinating node with only 2 data nodes).

PS: And I hope you have 3 master-eligible nodes to keep that cluster highly available.

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